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Sand natural

Sand natural
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Natural sand is a friable mix of the grains formed at natural destruction of massive rocks. The size of grains of natural sand usually is in range from 0,14 to 5 mm.

Natural sand is used practically at any construction works. Main scopes of natural sand:

  • Use as bulk soil for alignment of a relief of the site of construction;
  • Formation of a sandy pillow of the artificial basis under the bases at natural unstable soil;
  • Adding the leveling layer under the bases;
  • As small filler at preparation of tsementobeton, asphalt concrete and construction solutions.

Besides all-construction works, sand is used for landscape arrangement and in the decorative purposes.

Sand possesses high coefficient of a filtration and is successfully applied in engineering constructions as a drainage, a septic tank. Also material is used in systems of water purification, in particular in various types of filters.

Information is up-to-date: 29.01.2018

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